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New Features

3/8/14 - copy_sheet and move_sheet and added for moving sheets between workbooks.

1/10/14 - Added special script features: running scripts with no visible Python shell and autolaunching scripts when a spreadsheet is opened.

11/11/13 - Added Cell.df, for writing pandas dataframes directly to Excel.

10/11/13 - UDF's are now disabled by default.

9/30/13 - Added all_cells function.

9/10/13 - Format copying added to Cells and CellRanges.

8/8/13 - multi-workbook functions and images.

8/5/13 - lock images function.

8/5/13 - Performance improvements.

7/14/13 - merge_cell changed to merge_range. Added unmerge_range, get_merged_range, recalc_mode, hide_row, hide_col, row_is_hidden, col_is_hidden.
Sped up CellRange copying.

5/20/13 - Performance improvements.

4/12/13 - Upgraded to Python 2.7.4. Python window now displays the title of the running script.

3/8/13 - The built-in editor now opens imported scripts automatically.

3/5/13 - Added hidden sheets, hyperlinks, functions for getting the last cell in a column, row or on a sheet, sheet and workbook recalculation, and vertical_range and horizontal_range.

2/12/13 - Added iPython.

2/8/13 - Added support for column letters in Cell and CellRange creation. (e.g. Cell(1, "A") works now).
Updated Cell.clear() to clear a cell, not just set its value to None.
Added cell copying in Cell.copy_from().

1/6/13 - Cell.formula now always returns strings. UDF timeout setting added.

12/12/12 - UDF's support optional arguments.

11/6 - Added cell alignment.

10/16 - Added cell comments.

10/15 - Added support for ActiveState Python.

10/11 - Added support for calling VBA from DataNitro, and DN from VBA.

10/5 - Added horizontal and vertical Cell properties. (This automatically fills in rows and columns from iterables.) Added saving.

10/2 - Added unicode support. Changed the syntax for active_sheet. Added support for 64-bit UDF's.

8/18 - Added support for Python 2.6 and above, including 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2, and 64-bit Python.

8/16 - Added the ability to refresh pivot tables.

8/14 - Added insert row and insert column.

7/23 - Added user defined functions.

7/19 - Added merge_cells. Changed the autofit syntax.

7/16 - Added the autofit command.

7/13 - Fixed issues with installation on non-administrator accounts.

7/6 - Empty cells now return None instead of 0.

7/4 - Happy Fourth of July!
Added cell.col as an alternative to cell.column, clear/delete for rows and columns, and the is_empty method for Cells and CellRanges.

7/3 - Added setting named ranges and the CellRange.position property.

6/29 - Added the forum.

6/27 - Added support for importing multiple scripts and saving imported scripts in a spreadsheet. Changed the active cell and active sheet syntax, and added support for interacting with the visible sheet. Note: The new active sheet and active cell syntax is not backwards compatible.
Also added a new demo video. The binomial pricing script and spreadsheet from the video are available for download, as is the ystockquote script for pulling data from yahoo finance, originally from http://goldb.org/ystockquote.html.

6/25 - Active cell and additional worksheet functions added.

6/21 - Support for cell formatting, cell colors, and dates added.