Automate Excel with Python

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//Automate Excel

Process data with Python, not VBA - or by hand.
Do you need to work with a database or a website?
Python has libraries for that.

//Build better spreadsheets

Build live streaming dashboards and complex mathematical models, all in Excel. You can use DataNitro to turn a spreadsheet into a database GUI - or a web server backend.

How it works

//Interactive Shell

>>> CellRange("A1:A10").value = [x**2
    for x in range(10)]
>>> for i in range(1, 100):
>>>    Cell(i, i).value = i ** 3
>>>    Cell(i, i).font.bold = True
The built-in Python shell interacts directly with your spreadsheet. Get instant feedback on your code, or just work with Excel faster.


from sqlite3 import connect

c = connect("portfolio.db").cursor()
c.execute("Select * from portfolio.db")
Cell("A1").table = c.fetchall()

Write scripts to integrate with databases, automate tasks, build high-performance models, and everything in between.

//User Defined Functions

import ystockquote as y
# yahoo finance API

def get_price(ticker):
    return y.get_price(ticker)
Call Python functions directly from Excel. They behave just like native Excel functions, and can use any Python library.

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